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      Battle Of
       West Point

These artifacts were found at Fort Tyler by Rea and Billy Clark.

     Artifacts associated with the Confederate forces included an unfired .69 caliber round musket ball, four unfired .54 caliper minnie musket balls, a six-pounder solid shot for use with field artillery piece, and five grape or canister iron balls.   These balls were used with either the 32-pounder gun as a canister round or 27 balls, or as grape shot for a 12-pounder gun with nine balls per stand.  Additionally, an iron lid and a fragment of a pearl ware bowl were also recovered which were probably associated with the Confederates inside the fort.

     A number of artifacts, probably related to the construction of the fort, were also found.  They included nine square nails, and iron rod fragment, and a piece of an iron barrel band.

     Most of the Union artifacts at the site were shell fragments.  The types of shells and shear number found prove the fort withstood intense artillery fire.  Some examples of the unearthed artifacts include: six-inch shells as used with a 24-pounder and a James Rifle or Sawyer rifle, 1 three-inch Hotchkiss shell fragment as used with a three-inch ordinance rifle, a bullet fired from either a Spenser or Merrill carbine, and s fired .2 caliper shell cartridge case for a Forehand and Wadsworth revolver.

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