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      Battle Of
       West Point
 The Battle of West Point

Tyler Dies

        Among the fort's defenders was Isham Stanley, who that day turned 17. He watched as Tyler assumed the position of a man before a firing line:

        "General Tyler deliberately walked in front of the wall ... exposing his whole body to the enemy. When about midway he stopped, left-faced, which movement turned his whole front to the enemy. At that moment he fell, and never moved a muscle as I could see." �

        Thus Tyler ensured that 136 years later, people still would be telling the story of his last battle.

from the book "Yankee Blitzkreig"

        The shooting went on until sundown, when the outnumbered defenders ran low on ammunition.  At around 6 PM, Confederate Colonel J. H. Fannin surrendered the fort to Colonel O. H. LaGrange of the 1st Wisconsin Cavalry.�  The next day the victors blew up the powder magazine at the fort's center, leaving a crater that gradually eroded.�   

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