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      Battle Of
       West Point
 Association Timeline

1990    Fort Tyler Association conceptualized by Margaret Zachry.
1991    Fort Tyler Association organized as a 501C3 Charitable Foundation
1992    Land Donated by George Zachry and the McGinty family for 6th Avenue 
1994    Walking Path established to the old city water reservoir
1994    Archeology Survey done by Auburn University
1996    Diorama constructed by Fred Cook, Jr. 
1996    Construction of the Fort by Griggs Zachry, III
1997    Perimeter Fence Installed
1998    Fort formally dedicated on April 18
1998-2000  Cannon Purchased and Installed
2000    Adjacent property donated by Charter Foundation
2001    Landscaping Improvements
2002    Web Site Development
2003    Placement of Interpretive Signs
2005    FTA commemorates 140th anniversary
2010    FTA commemorates 145th anniversary
2011    Web Site Renovation

The Future

Marketing and Awareness
Exploit Fort Tyler in Promoting the Community
Maintain Fort property at high level and continue making landscaping improvements