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      Battle Of
       West Point
 Dr. Asa Wesley Griggs

       His home was located below Fort Tyler and some 300 feet south of the fort.  It is reported that General Tyler had asked Mrs. Griggs to abandon the house of the morning of April 16th.  She did so, crossing over the river to find shelter for her children and servants.  Dr. Griggs was not in the area, being area ministering to Confederate wounded in another area. 

        The house was raked by gunfire, but because of its solid stone construction withstood the ravages of the battle and still stands as a private residence today.  

        Dr. Asa Griggs came to West Point in 1860.  He married Rebecca Elizabeth Davenport in 1848.  They had two children.  His wife died in 1860, and he married Ann McCants.  They had five children.  He died in 1900.

The Griggs House



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