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      Battle Of
       West Point
 Lt. James L. Metcalfe

        Lt. James B. Metcalfe was born on Thursday, 15 January 1846, in Natchez, the fourth child of Oren and Zuleika Rosalie (Lyons) Metcalfe. He was baptized in the First Presbyterian Church of Natchez on Sunday, 29 November of that year.

        He volunteered for service with the Confederacy in the 10th Mississippi Cavalry at the age of sixteen. He served in the War with Breckinridge's Brigade from May 1862 to April 1863. He joined Breckinridge's escort that April and was detailed out in September 1864.

        At some point he was captured and made a daring escape at the Battle of Franklin, swimming the Duck River and rejoining the Confederate forces in Murphreesboro. He was again captured at the Battle of West Point on 16 April 1865, at the end of the War. He was released and went home, having attained the rank of Lieutenant by the age of nineteen.  Strangely, he is not listed on the Union's list of prisoners captured at West Point..



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