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      Battle Of
       West Point
 Isham Stanley II

       On the morning of April 16, 1865, which was his 17th birthday, his uncle told him, "The Yankees are sure coming this time, are you ready to fight 'um?"  He replied, "Certainly, anyone that will not fight when the enemy comes right into your own home would be a mighty sorry somebody."  Young Isham took part in the battle and was captured.  He would later write A True Story of the Battle of West Point, Georgia - a riveting account of the battle and the prisoners march to and from Macon.

        Isham Stanley II married Sarah Augusta Chapman on December 13, 1871 and they had six children.  Mr. Stanley was a master mechanic and active in all manners of civic activities.   An elder in the Presbyterian church, he was killed at the church as a result of a cyclone on March 28, 1920. 






Variously ascribed contributing writers to Fort Tyler history