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      Battle Of
       West Point
 After the Battle

LaGrange's Letter to Upton

WEST .POINT, GA., April 16, 1865

Major-General Upton,

Comdg. 1st and 4th Divs, . Cav Corps. Mil. Div. of the Mississippi

GENERAL; We have just taken Fort Tyler by assault, capturing garrison (200 men) and armament.  My command is now crossing the river on the wagon bridge.  The resistance was stubborn and our loss severe.  The rebel General Tyler was killed. We have destroyed the railroad to this point and captured 13 engines and 150 cars, with a considerable quantity of corn and other stores.  Please send orders.

O.H. LaGrange,
       Colonel, Commanding Second Brigade

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Joe Keith, Jr., "Aftermath: Written for the 130th Anniversary of the Battle of West Point"  




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