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      Battle Of
       West Point
 After the Battle

Grigg's House

        Miss Carrie Lou Griggs lived in the home just below the fort. The house, which stands to this day, had been occupied by Union troops early in the day. From here, the fatal shots that killed General Tyler were fired.  She remembered in a signed paper dating around 1913-1914 that, �She returned to her home at dark to find everything in ruin and confusion� silver, jewelry, everything of any value was gone�  most of the bedding had been used for the wounded, the sheets being used for bandages.

        Her first thought was for the dead.

She went to the hillside with her children, Persia and Willie Griggs, and her brother Robert McCants. In the moonlight, she helped to straighten the dead, fold their hands and wash their faces.


That morning the roses were in bud, by night every bush was covered with full blown roses. The heavy cannonading had causes them to open.�  

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Joe Keith, Jr., "Aftermath: Written for the 130th Anniversary of the Battle of West Point"